Main Reasons To Have Custom Web Design Made 

When it comes to representing your brand online, only setting up your social media channels is not the answer. We hear the argument from time to time, ‘You just need a Facebook page, you can do everything you need from there.’ Truth is, there is a big difference between showcasing your brand, its image, story and services in the way you’ve built it and having a Twitter page.

There’s no question that social media is great for bridging the gap between clients and you, however, is Facebook really going to give you a proper professional representation? Will it put your best foot forward?

Truth is, there are several reasons why you need custom site design. 

Standing Out 

First and foremost, custom web designs stand out. Unlike templates, you hold a unique hand in a visual market. Think about the last site you loved, what was the first thing that caught your eye? Indeed it was the look, perhaps next was the feel and finally, hopefully, it was the layout and its ease-of-use.

Much like buying a vehicle, there are a plethora of models on the road, and though it’s not a big deal to have the same Ford Focus as Jonathan down the street, when it comes to site design, you don’t want a template that others are using to represent their business. 

SEO Standpoint 

The great SEO v Template argument. Does it affect SEO to have a template site? The answer is yes, no, maybe.

When you rely heavily on templates, you can find your SEO becomes a little more challenging. We all know SEO matters greatly, and relies on unique content. Google has always been interested in stripping out the template content and finding the unique content of a page. 

So the answer simply becomes, ‘Why Take The Risk?’

Another Piece of The Puzzle 

Each piece of your online puzzle exists for a reason, there is no catch all when it comes to online marketing. One’s site is the ultimate reflection of their brand, the flag that waves above the castle, and after all the time and money it takes to bring a brand to life, it’s a shame to see such an important aspect pushed to the site.

Truth is, a custom build is not as complex as one may think and its advantages can far outweigh the cost.


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