Wearable tech consumer trends

It started with the Nike Fuelband, then Jawbone and then Fitbit. It seemed to be relegated to fitness, runners mostly and well, you didn’t run, so you didn’t bother.

Then came Google Glass, an awesome but niche concept that after 4+ years of talk and development, has lost some of its luster. Never mind the privacy issues, which alone, are poised to kill it before it sees the light of day.

We then heard numbers, that the wearable tech market was poised to take $50m in the next 5 years. Did it matter that we didn’t run?

It seemed the possibility for growth was .. ahem, outrunning itself.

Then came the rumours, Apple rumours at that, the best kind. One of the largest marketshare holders was getting into wearable tech game. Insert the iWatch.

With the backing of so many developers behind its App Store, the face of wearable tech was going to change, without question.

It’s not just fitness anymore, wearable tech has begun the march towards health, a massive market which has been waiting patiently on the sidelines of consumer approachability.

Apple’s HealthKit is going to change the way we see our health & fitness. Once again, the biggest player has waited out the first runs to market by its competitors, waited out the rumours and has unleashed what will undoubtably be a fine tuned product with the backing of a loyal fan base is has not let down often.

Apple’s in the wearable tech market. The game has just begun.


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