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Selfling Teen Support Foundation

Selfling is a Canadian agency that is dedicated to bridging the gap between teens and the vital services that they need to guide them, protect them, mentor and advocate for them. App Guys Inc. has helped them launch native iOS & Android mobile apps with built-in app based administration capabilities.
Learn more about Selfling
Bus Stop

Bus Stop helps you spend less time standing in the rain, snow and cold. This iOS and Android custom mobile app development project launched in MVP stage and the client is working on growing their user base. Need to track business vehicles for your organization? Reach out to us today to learn how we can help.
eMoodie Experience Sampling Application

This Xamarin project generated an iOS and Android version making use of all available technologies within the devices. The project was done with a member of the Centre for Applied Developmental Psychology and the Department Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Learn more about eMoodie

We were contracted by KROWD Inc. to develop and maintain their iOS and Android mobile apps. Launched in August 2017, this app makes use of a custom API to a website administration system, Google Mapping Services, GPS services and more. Learn more about KROWD

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