The great thing about our new world of instant entrepreneurship, is the ability to bring to life the ideas that we come up with. Without question, our age is a renaissance of engaging advancement, one that history will without doubt, mark as our crowning achievement.

The content may be put in question (looking at you Good2Go and Poop the World) but the gears that pushed into action this great time of innovation will be heralded.

Now, the great inventors of our age include you, you have an idea you know will change the way we do business, engage, perceive, react, wait, move, eat etc.. but where do you go from here?

This roadblock is the most tragic in the life of an idea. Most people aren’t sure what the next step should be, so here’s a quick synopsis of what should be done:

1. App Idea

You need this first and foremost but you need to define it. Are you solving a problem? Targeting a specific market? Providing a solution for an inevitable problem moving forward? Define your apps existence, this will help you explain it better to those around you.

2. Mind Map It

Map out how you see it’s use, from the menu to logout, don’t be shy to overcomplicate it at first, you will whittle it down the more you think about it. Use similar app as a foundation, find what you don’t like, change it up but keep in mind the cardinal rule. Don’t move the standardized location of certain actions like ‘Back’ or ‘Cancel’. If these are generally in the same place for most apps (they will be for ios) don’t challenge that. You don’t want to create barriers for your users.

3. Intuitive Design

Don’t worry about the look right now, concentrate on the feel. Intuitive design is the goal, what this means is creating a product that a user who has never tried it before can flawlessly navigate it because ‘everything is in its right place’.

This is the goal of companies like Apple. They spend billions on marketing & research just to find the best way to do one thing. Users are like water, they will find the path of least resistance. Adapt to that.

4. Talk to Several App Companies

Just like with investments, you want to find out all your options. It’s not just about cost, it’s about the little things that will eat up your time and challenge your legal standing if you’re not careful.

We’ve all heard of Facebook’s humble beginnings and how Mark Zuckerberg was just a developer for another company working on a very similar Facebook-esque project. You don’t want to find yourself on the end of a shady developer who has taken your idea and moved in another direction with it, leaving you without much more than an internet template of a contract.

A good Development company (even if it is one person) will respect the process of intellectual property.  They will be vested in the success of your app because it represents them, so look for a company that has several apps in its back pocket already. A place where they’ve made their mistakes.

And most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions, if they can’t answer them to your satisfaction or don’t provide your with the kind of communication you would like to hear, move on but remember, it is a team effort.

Companies have to learn to work with you and you have to learn to work with the company, it’s an adventure and as long as you don’t believe yourself to be the next Zuckerberg, you can assure yourself a great journey!


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