Moving To Mobile Framework Easier

Right now there’s a huge exodus happening.

Millions of people are moving or have already moved away from traditional desktop interactions and getting their information on the go.

From Apple to Android and Blackberry, how you view information has shifted and mobile technologies have proliferated the market place in a whole new manner – through popular culture.

So what can you do as a small business to engage this market? The answer is simple. You need an App.

No matter the device being used, your services, your brand, needs to present itself in a clean, succinct and engaging manner. It’s not just about information, it’s about interaction. Allowing your users/ clients to quickly get the information they’re seeking from you without having to pinch and zoom, hunt and squint is paramount. Zero barrier engagement.

Sounds obvious, however we still come across brands without an App, effectively ignoring a technological shift that can prove detrimental to their bottom line.

Smartphones Are Ubiquitous

We rely entirely on our one-handed devices now days. Even with the growing adoption of tablets, you’ll find that smartphones are by far the more popular device in any home, and outside of it as well. 

A great example is the greatly anticipated Apple release this Tuesday, September 9th. Right now, there are people camping out in front of Apple stores, waiting for the great unveiling, of which no one outside of Apple Inc. actually knows.

This is the power of our current cultural trend.

Mobile technologies aren’t going anywhere, which means that your business needs an app to complement your website and business.

But does it scale?

When speaking to SMBs, many assume that their brand wouldn’t translate well as an app, truth is, your brand’s move to an app platform is only limited by our imagination.

There are a myriad of uses and function, from informational and client account logins, to innovative and unique ways to make your brand fresh, Apps have a multitude of purpose that should be explored.

In the end, how we explore is the very drive and definition of new technologies.


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