We wanted to touch upon a subject that has been a great proponent of our success in Calgary these last 6 months, that of a quality office space.

It might sound strange or even trivial to consider your office space as an important aspect of your productivity however to the world of entrepreneurship, especially here in Calgary, office space does two very important things.

  1. It promotes legitimacy for startups with few members. Nothing helps potential clients see your strengths better than visuals. Your product and/ or character do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to client perspective, but nothing says more than the space you hold your ship in.
  2. More importantly, it helps you, the entrepreneur, feel legitimate. Waking up in the morning and having purpose makes the mind and body feel good, we all know that. Many of us have tried to work from home and we all face the same problems; showers and getting dressed become optional very quickly, let’s not pretend otherwise.

Having a space to to go, call home and work from, helps tremendously in bringing to life the business we are investing and promoting.

So with that in mind, we want to talk about our own space, The Commons Co-Work Apothecary.

The space is designed and cared for by a great Sister-Brother combo, Erynn & Zach Lyster. These two have created a calm and classy space for startups and entrepreneurs alike to call home.

Not only is the place well designed and furnished but the attitudes and characters they cultivate to fill the desks all fit together like a great puzzle. They put great effort into curating clients with the same disposition, resulting in a great group of people we now call friends as well as colleagues.

Every morning we come in with a smile on our face, not just because we do what we love, but because we love the space we come to and that’s where the importance of a great space comes into play.

If the mind is clear of superfluous concerns and has the time to adopt the hard work of those around it, a great thing happens, your productivity rises.

It’s a great place to be.


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